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Seniors Kiosk


Senior Support -   We offer help for seniors in our community through the free Be Connected programme to gain the confidence and skills needed to use new technology, so they can participate in and share the benefits of the growing digital world.


  • We offer Seniors Help though our Be Connected Online digital training with a tutor to assist you, its area where seniors can receive free access to computers and training on how to use a computer and the internet.
  • Guidance and on-going support is provided in a friendly face-to-face environment by volunteer tutors on topics such as how to email, use the internet, iPads and tablets, social media applications such as Facebook, Zoom, Facetime, Skype and others, and how to stay safe online.
  • Seniors can also undertake the training away from the kiosk, such as on their computers at home, enabling them to learn at their own pace.
  • Training courses have been designed with the unique learning needs of seniors in mind and are easy to use – even for those who have never used a computer before.

The community centre computers are available for seniors to learn free of charge with assistance from staff members or a volunteer if required.